(6 weeks – 24 months)

Each child receives an individualized educational program tailored to that child’s age, interests, and developmental level in the domains of social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. Teachers prepare individual lesson plans on a weekly basis. Teachers work individually with each child to build language recognition and vocabulary Development. Children are encouraged to make progress in their physical milestones such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, and climbing. Teachers use frequent verbal interaction with children as the manipulate materials in the classroom to help build an understanding of how the world works.

(2 years)

Our certified teachers create lesson plans that further the work of the language recognition and vocabulary building in the young preschool child . They learn to observe and label objects and their characteristics . They name colors, shapes, and relative size and orientation of objects in the world. Children will learn to recognize simple math and science concepts. Children sing, create with art materials, sort and classify interesting objects, and listen to stories.Teachers work to build independent practical life skills.

(3 -5 years)

Children in this program are taught vocabulary building, listening skills, name writing, counting and other basic math concepts. They are exposed to the purposes of written language or writing down thoughts. The Pre Kindergarten program is for children who will be attending a public or private kindergarten the following year. Children in this program are taught by a ACA certified teacher who provides organized lessons in oral and written language, math, social studies and science. They learn phonemic awareness and are exposed to the best of quality children’s literature. The program includes music, art, healthy living and technology activities.